Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability (Preview)

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability is designed to help companies measure, understand, and take charge of their carbon emissions, set sustainability goals, and take measurable action.


  • Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability is in preview.

  • Products that are in preview aren’t meant for production and may have restricted functionality. Because this is available before an official release, customers can get early access and provide feedback. The content and functionality are subject to change.

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability is a new app from Microsoft that offers organizations an accurate, comprehensive, and increasingly real-time view into their environmental footprint across all emissions sources. It provides users visibility into the total emissions footprint across their operations by centralizing data in a common format to measure, reduce, and report out on their emissions. Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability enables users to not only set industry-aligned sustainability targets but provides actionable insights and reduction strategies to expedite their sustainability journeys. The connected and informed experience unlocks value at all levels, setting it apart from other in-market solutions in a way that only Microsoft can deliver.

Here are a few examples of scenarios that demonstrate how organizations will be able to leverage Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to achieve their goals:

  • CIOs will be able to easily report on IT carbon emissions from the cloud, devices, and applications as part of their department’s environmental footprint. They will then be able to connect their emissions data sources into one view for reporting.
  • Companies will be able to offer their customers a sustainability scorecard to track progress against their carbon emission reduction goals, inclusive of scope 1-3 emissions (i.e., emissions from a company’s owned sources, emissions from purchased energy and all other emissions).
  • Customers will be able to pinpoint specific emission areas and track if they are meeting their emission reduction goals. For instance, if an HVAC system is not on track to meet its prescribed emissions reduction target, the task can be assigned to operations to make the necessary improvements to reach that target.

The bottom line: Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability enables any organization to more easily and effectively record, report, reduce, and replace their emissions.