Use the Browser User Interface page in the IEAK 11 Wizard

The Browser User Interface page of the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 11 lets you change the toolbar buttons and the title bar text in IE.

The customizations you make on this page apply only to Internet Explorer for the desktop.

To use the Browser User Interface page

  1. Check the Customize Title Bars box so you can add your custom text to the Title Bar Text box.

    The text shows up in the title bar as IE provided by <your_custom_text>.

  2. Check the Delete existing toolbar buttons, if present box so you can delete all of the toolbar buttons in your employee’s browser, except for the standard buttons installed with IE (which can’t be removed).

Only Administrators can use this option.

  1. Click Add to add new toolbar buttons.

    The Browser Toolbar Button Information box appears.

  2. In the Toolbar caption box, type the text that shows up when an employee hovers over your custom button. We recommend no more than 10 characters.

  3. In the Toolbar action box, browse to your script or executable file that runs when an employee clicks your custom button.

  4. In the Toolbar icon box, browse to the icon file that represents your button while active. This icon must be 20x20 pixels.

  5. Check the This button should be shown on the toolbar by default box so your custom button shows by default.

    This box should be cleared if you want to offer a custom set of buttons, but want your employees to choose whether or not to use them. In this situation, your buttons will show up in the Customize Toolbars dialog box, under Available toolbar buttons. Your employees can get to this dialog box in IE by clicking Tools from the Command Bar, clicking Toolbars, and then clicking Customize.

  6. Click OK.

  7. Click Edit to change your custom toolbar button or Remove to delete the button. The removed button will disappear from your employee’s computer after you apply the updated customization. Only custom toolbar buttons can be removed.

  8. Click Next to go to the Search Providers page or Back to go to the User Experience page.