Use the Feature Selection page in the IEAK 11 Wizard

The Feature Selection page of the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 11 lets you choose which parts of the setup processes and Internet Explorer 11 to change for your company, including:

  • Setup Customizations. Lets you add custom components, decide which components to install, provide your download site information, and modify the Setup title bar and graphics.

  • Internal Install. Lets you decide to install the latest updates, run the malicious Software Removal Tool, and set IE11 as the default browser.

  • Connection Manager. Lets you import your Connection Manager Profiles, created by the Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK).

  • Browser User Interface. Lets you change the toolbar buttons, the title bar, and the general look of the browser.

  • Search Providers. Lets you add, remove, and pick a new default search provider for IE11.

  • Important URLs – Home Page and Support. Lets you choose multiple Home pages that open in different tabs in IE. You can also use this page to change the Welcome and Online Support pages.

  • Accelerators. Lets you import, add, edit, or remove Accelerators, the contextual services that give you quick access to external services from any webpage.

  • Favorites, Favorites Bar, and Feeds. Lets you pick which favorites, web slices, and feeds are installed with your custom installation package.

  • Browsing Options. Lets you pick how you delete items in the Favorites, Favorites Bar, and Feeds folders, and whether to add the Microsoft default items.

  • Compatibility View. Lets you decide whether IE renders content using compatibility mode or standards mode.

  • Connections Customization. Lets you set up and deploy custom connections.

  • Security Zones and Content Ratings. Lets you control what your employees can view and what’s downloaded to their computer.

  • Programs. Lets you pick the default program that’s used automatically by email, HTML, newsgroups, Internet calls, calendars, and contact lists.

  • Additional Settings. Lets you pre-set and lockdown specific functionality on your employee’s computer.

Your choices on this page determine what wizard pages appear.

To use the Feature Selection page

  1. Check the box next to each feature you want to include in your custom installation package.

    You can also click Select All to add, or Clear All to remove, all of the features.

  2. Click Next to go to the Automatic Version Synchronization page or Back to go to the Package Type Selection page.