Using Internet Settings (.INS) files with IEAK 11

Use the Internet Settings (.ins) files and the Internet Explorer Administration Kit 11 (IEAK 11) to configure your custom browser and its components. You can create multiple versions of your custom package by customizing copies of this file.

Here's a list of the availble .INS file settings:

Setting Description
Branding Customize the branding and setup information in your browser package.
BrowserToolbars Customize the appearance of the IE toolbar.
CabSigning Digital signature information for your programs.
ConnectionSettings Info about the networking connection settings used to install your custom package.
CustomBranding URL location to your branding cabinet (.cab) file.
ExtRegInf Names of your Setup information (.inf) files and the installation mode for components.
FavoritesEx Add a path to your icon file for Favorites, decide whether Favorites are available offline, and add URLs to eachFavorites site.
HideCustom Whether to hide the globally unique identifier (GUID) for each custom component.
ISP_Security The root certificate you’re adding to your custom package.
Media Types of media in which your custom installation package is available.
Proxy Whether to use a proxy server.
Security Imports Whether to import security information for your custom package.
URL Whether to use an auto-configured proxy server.