How to protect your Android device using encryption

When you encrypt a device, you are wrapping the information on it in a layer of protective code that prevents unauthorized people from accessing it. As a step towards making sure your information is secured, your organization is requiring you to encrypt your Android device before you can access company files, email, or data.


Certain Android devices, including some made by Huawei and those made by Vivo and OPPO, cannot be encrypted. Find out more here.

If you unenroll your phone, it will remain encrypted.

  1. Ensure that a screen lock PIN or password has been set for your device.

  2. In Settings, choose Security > Encrypt Device. (On some phones, you’ll need to choose Storage > Storage encryption or Storage > Lock screen and security > Other security settings to find the "Encrypt" option).

  3. Follow the onscreen instructions. During encryption, your device might restart several times.

What to do if you have issues

Issue: You have already encrypted your device, and you see one of the following:

  • The encryption button is disabled.
  • You see a message saying that you still need to encrypt.
  • You get errors when trying to use the Company Portal app.

Things to try

  • Make sure that your device is charged and plugged in.

  • Make sure that you've set a PIN or password on your device.

  • If you've already set a PIN or password on your device, try the following steps, which your company support might require to make your device more secure. The menu names that you see might be slightly different from the ones in the steps, depending on the type of Android device you have.

    1. Go to Settings > Lock Screen and Security > Screen lock. Confirm your current PIN or password.

    2. On the Choose screen lock screen, choose the type of screen lock you want to use.

    3. After you've chosen your screen lock, go back to the Lock Screen and Security screen and select Secure Startup.

    4. On the Secure startup screen, tap Require PIN to start device, and tap Continue.

    5. Choose a PIN (you can enter the same one that you entered previously), and tap Confirm your PIN.

    6. Open the Company Portal app, select your device, and tap Check Compliance.

Still need help? Contact your company support (check the Company Portal website for contact information), or write the Microsoft Android team.