Set up enrollment of Android work profile devices

Intune helps you deploy apps and settings to Android work profile devices to ensure work and personal information are separate. For specific details about Android enterprise, see Android enterprise requirements.

To set up Android work profile management, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your Intune tenant account to your Android enterprise account.
  2. Specify Android work profile enrollment settings. Android work profiles are supported on only certain Android devices. Any device that supports Android work profiles also supports conventional Android management. Intune lets you specify how devices that support Android work profiles should be managed from within Enrollment Restrictions.
    • Block (set by default): All Android devices, including devices that support Android work profiles, will be enrolled as conventional Android devices.
    • Allow: All devices that support Android work profiles are enrolled as Android work profile devices. Any Android device that does not support Android work profiles is enrolled as a conventional Android device.
  3. Tell your users how to enroll their devices.

If you want to enroll devices in Android work profiles, but those devices were already enrolled as regular Android devices, those devices must first unenroll and then re-enroll.

If you're enrolling Android work profile devices by using a Device Enrollment Manager account, there is a limit of 10 devices that can be enrolled per account.

For more information, see Data Intune sends to Google.

Approve the Company Portal app in the managed Google Play store

To ensure that users always have access to the most up-to-date version of the Company portal app, you must approve the Company Portal app for Android in the managed Google Play store. By approving it, you make sure that each user gets automatic updates. If you don't approve it, the Company Portal will eventually become out of date and may not receive important bug fixes or new features when Microsoft releases them.

Follow these steps to approve the Intune Company Portal:

  1. Browse to the Company Portal app on the managed Google Play store.
  2. Sign into the managed Google Play store with the same Google account that you used to configure the binding for Android enterprise.
  3. Click Approve and a new dialog will open.
  4. Review the permissions in this dialog, then click Approve. You need these to allow these permissions in order to allow the Company Portal app to manage the work profile on the device.
  5. Select Keep approved when app requests new permissions, then click Save.

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