Remote Assistance via Microsoft Easy Assist

Rob Stack

Remote Assistance via Microsoft Easy Assist

Microsoft Intune provides easy to use remote assistance request capabilities to Information workers using Windows Vista, and Windows 7 computers. Information Workers on these computers can request assistance by using the Remote Assistance feature available on their client computers. The Remote Assistance feature can be found in the Intune Center console.

Remote Assistance is powered by Microsoft Easy Assist. The Microsoft Easy Assist agent is deployed to Computers as part of the Service client software. Your use of Easy Assist is governed by the Microsoft Easy Assist Service Agreement.

When using Remote Assistance, the Service may collect meeting session information, including the number and content of any files transferred, user names of meeting participants, number of meeting attendees, duration, frequency and total number of meetings. The Service may also collect and log certain information about your visit, such as the name of the Internet service provider and the Internet Protocol (IP) address through which you access the Internet, the date and time you access the Service Web sites and pages and the Internet address of and referring Web sites. We may also collect and log information generated from the Easy Assist software such as which participants viewed content and text shared during a session, slide transitions, notes or annotations made by you and any other participants, application sharing, posting of comments, or requests for prints or downloads of presentations. Some of this information may also be viewed by other session participants.

Personal information on your desktop or in your applications may be transmitted to Microsoft in the course of providing support as part of your Microsoft Easy Assist desktop sharing support sessions.

You can learn more about these features in the “Specific Features to Microsoft Easy Assist Service and Software” section of the Microsoft Online Services Privacy Statement for Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 and Microsoft Easy Assist. Certain Easy Assist features are not available for use with Intune, including the ability to record sessions or collect certain personal information (your name/postal address/email address/phone number, etc.).

The information is used to enable the Remote Assistance feature and to improve the Service and Microsoft Easy Assist.

If you don’t want the information collected, do not install the Microsoft Easy Assist client or use the Remote Assistance feature.

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