Use the Intune Data Warehouse

Applies to: Intune in the Azure portal
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Use the Intune Data Warehouse to build reports that provide insight into your enterprise mobile environment. For example, some of the reports include:

  • Trend of users enrolling in Intune so you can optimize your license purchases
  • App and OS versions breakdown so you can review that status of mobile devices
  • Enrollment and device compliance trends so you can smoothly roll out policy updates

The Data Warehouse provides you access to more information about your mobile environment than the Azure portal. With the Intune Data Warehouse you can access:

  • Historical Intune data
  • Data refreshed on a daily cadence
  • A data model using the OData standard


If you are a using hybrid mobile device management (MDM) with System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune, you want to retrieve your data from SCCM. The Intune Data Warehouse only contains Intune data. You can use an SCCM Power BI dashboard for your custom reports. For more information, see "Announcing the Power BI solution template for System Center Configuration Manager." and "Create a Power BI report and dashboard."


You can try out the latest functionality of the Data Warehouse by using the beta version. To use the beta version, your URL must contain the query parameter api-version=beta. The beta version offers features before they are made generally available as a supported service. As Intune adds new features, the beta version may change behavior and data contracts. Any custom code or reporting tools dependent on the beta version may break with ongoing updates.

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