BlobServiceClientBuilder.pipeline(HttpPipeline httpPipeline) Method


Sets the HttpPipeline to use for the service client.

Note: It is important to understand the precedence order of the HttpTrait APIs. In particular, if a HttpPipeline is specified, this takes precedence over all other APIs in the trait, and they will be ignored. If no HttpPipeline is specified, a HTTP pipeline will be constructed internally based on the settings provided to this trait. Additionally, there may be other APIs in types that implement this trait that are also ignored if an HttpPipeline is specified, so please be sure to refer to the documentation of types that implement this trait to understand the full set of implications.

The endpoint(String endpoint) is not ignored when pipeline is set.

public BlobServiceClientBuilder pipeline(HttpPipeline httpPipeline)



HttpPipeline to use for sending service requests and receiving responses.


the updated BlobServiceClientBuilder object

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