BingNews.BingNewsCategoryDefinitionStages.WithAllOptions.withCount(Integer count) Method


The number of news articles to return in the response. The actual number delivered may be less than requested. The default is 10 and the maximum value is 100. The actual number delivered may be less than requested.You may use this parameter along with the offset parameter to page results. For example, if your user interface displays 20 articles per page, set count to 20 and offset to 0 to get the first page of results. For each subsequent page, increment offset by 20 (for example, 0, 20, 40). It is possible for multiple pages to include some overlap in results. If you do not specify the [category]( parameter, Bing ignores this parameter.

public BingNewsCategoryDefinitionStages.WithExecute withCount(Integer count)





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