BingNews.BingNewsTrendingDefinitionStages.WithAllOptions.withLocation(String location) Method


A semicolon-delimited list of key/value pairs that describe the client's geographical location. Bing uses the location information to determine safe search behavior and to return relevant local content. Specify the key/value pair as <key>:<value>. The following are the keys that you use to specify the user's location. lat (required): The latitude of the client's location, in degrees. The latitude must be greater than or equal to -90.0 and less than or equal to +90.0. Negative values indicate southern latitudes and positive values indicate northern latitudes. long (required): The longitude of the client's location, in degrees. The longitude must be greater than or equal to -180.0 and less than or equal to +180.0. Negative values indicate western longitudes and positive values indicate eastern longitudes. re (required): The radius, in meters, which specifies the horizontal accuracy of the coordinates. Pass the value returned by the device's location service. Typical values might be 22m for GPS/Wi-Fi, 380m for cell tower triangulation, and 18,000m for reverse IP lookup. ts (optional): The UTC UNIX timestamp of when the client was at the location. (The UNIX timestamp is the number of seconds since January 1, 1970.) head (optional): The client's relative heading or direction of travel. Specify the direction of travel as degrees from 0 through 360, counting clockwise relative to true north. Specify this key only if the sp key is nonzero. sp (optional): The horizontal velocity (speed), in meters per second, that the client device is traveling. alt (optional): The altitude of the client device, in meters. are (optional): The radius, in meters, that specifies the vertical accuracy of the coordinates. Specify this key only if you specify the alt key. Although many of the keys are optional, the more information that you provide, the more accurate the location results are. Although optional, you are encouraged to always specify the user's geographical location. Providing the location is especially important if the client's IP address does not accurately reflect the user's physical location (for example, if the client uses VPN). For optimal results, you should include this header and the X-MSEdge-ClientIP header, but at a minimum, you should include this header.

public BingNewsTrendingDefinitionStages.WithExecute withLocation(String location)





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