BingNews.BingNewsTrendingDefinitionStages.WithAllOptions.withSetLang(String setLang) Method


The language to use for user interface strings. Specify the language using the ISO 639-1 2-letter language code. For example, the language code for English is EN. The default is EN (English). Although optional, you should always specify the language. Typically, you set setLang to the same language specified by mkt unless the user wants the user interface strings displayed in a different language. This parameter and the [Accept-Lang* uage]( header are mutually exclusive; do not specify both. A user interface string is a string that's used as a label in a user interface. There are few user interface strings in the JSON response objects. Also, any links to properties in the response objects apply the specified language.

public BingNewsTrendingDefinitionStages.WithExecute withSetLang(String setLang)





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