FunctionName Interface


The FunctionName annotation is used to specify to the Azure Functions tooling what name is to be applied to the associated function when the function is deployed onto Azure. This becomes the endpoint (in the case of an HttpTrigger function, for example, but more generally it is what is shown to users in the Azure Portal, so a succinct and understandable function name is useful.

An example of how the FunctionName annotation is shown in the code snippet below. Note that it is applied to the function that will be called by Azure, based on the specified trigger (in the code below it is a HttpTrigger).

  public HttpResponseMessage<String> redirectFunction(
    @HttpTrigger(name = "req",
    methods = {"get"}, authLevel = AuthorizationLevel.ANONYMOUS) 
    HttpRequestMessage<Optional<String>> request) {
public interface FunctionName implements Annotation



The name of the function.

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