Azure Key Vault libraries for Java


Safeguard and manage cryptographic keys and secrets used by cloud applications and services with Azure Key Vault.

To get started with Azure Key Vault, see Get started with Azure Key Vault.

Client library

Create, update, and delete keys and secrets in Azure Key Vault with the client libraries.

Add a dependency to your Maven pom.xml file to use the client library in your project.



Retrieve a JSON web key from a Key Vault.

KeyVaultClient kvc = new KeyVaultClient(credentials);
KeyBundle returnedKeyBundle = kvc.getKey(vaultUrl, keyName);
JsonWebKey jsonKey = returnedKeyBundle.key();

Management API

Use the Azure Key Vault management libraries to create key vaults, authorize applications, and manage permissions.

Add a dependency to your Maven pom.xml file to use the management API in your project.



Authorize and application running with service principal clientId to list and retrieve secrets from a key vault.

vault1 = vault1.update()


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