RealTimeArrivalsQueryType enum

Defines values for RealTimeArrivalsQueryType. Possible values include: 'stops', 'line', 'lineAndStop', 'position'



Returns the next live arrival times for each stop within the specified line. lineId, for example, '3785742'.


Returns up to three next Live Arrival times for a given line at a given stop. Comma-separated list including lineId and stop identifier, for example, 1228526,14014071 (lineId,stopId).


Returns arrivals of a line to stops near the user’s location. The applicable location query specified as a comma separated string composed by latitude followed by longitude e.g. "47.641268,-122.125679".


One or multiple stops as a comma separated list. Returns the requested number of live arrivals for all lines arriving at the specified stop. Defined by parameter stopQueryType.