Event element

Defines an event handler in an add-in.


The Event element is currently only supported by Outlook on the web in Office 365.


Attribute Required Description
Type Yes Specifies the event to handle.
FunctionExecution Yes Specifies the execution style for the event handler, asynchronous or synchronous. Currently only synchronous event handlers are supported.
FunctionName Yes Specifies the function name for the event handler.

Type attribute

Required. Specifies which event will invoke the event handler. The possible values for this attribute are specified in the following table.

Event type Description
ItemSend The event handler will be invoked when the user sends a message or meeting invitation.

FunctionExecution attribute

Required. MUST be set to synchronous.

FunctionName attribute

Required. Specifies the function name of the event handler. This value must match a function name in the add-in's function file.

<Event Type="ItemSend" FunctionExecution="synchronous" FunctionName="itemSendHandler" />