Group element

Defines a group of UI controls in a tab. On custom tabs, the add-in can create up to 10 groups. Each group is limited to 6 controls, regardless of which tab it appears on. Add-ins are limited to one custom tab.


Attribute Required Description
id Yes A unique ID for the group.

id attribute

Required. Unique identifier for the group. It is a string with a maximum of 125 characters. This must be unique within the manifest or the group will fail to render.

Child elements

Element Required Description
Label Yes The label for the CustomTab or a group.
Control Yes Collection of one or more Control objects.


Required. The label of the group. The resid attribute must be set to the value of the id attribute of a String element in the ShortStrings element in the Resources element.


A group requires at least one control.

<Group id="msgreadCustomTab.grp1">
    <Label resid="residCustomTabGroupLabel"/>
    <Control xsi:type="Button" id="Button2">
    <!-- information on the control -->
    <!-- other controls, as needed -->