You have been hired by a global auto racing company to modernize their entire monitoring and web platform. They have decided to replace existing Linux servers with a variety of cloud-based infrastructure that leverages the latest in architectural trends. Part of the system will run on the Azure serverless platform using Azure Functions to process real-time race data, pushing statistics, race data, and other relevant bits of analyzed information into clusters of databases. They want to keep their existing website, which was just rewritten last year, but have it connect into this modern data stream.

The website is running on Apache with Linux, and since it's already up and running, you decide to move it directly into Azure by leveraging an Azure virtual machine. This will give the website access to the data with a minimal amount of work on your part.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Understand the options that are available for virtual machines in Azure
  • Create a Linux virtual machine using the Azure portal
  • Connect to a running Linux virtual machine using SSH
  • Install software and change the network configuration on a VM using the Azure portal