Create your first Azure IoT Central app

IoT Central

This module builds an IoT Central app to monitor and command a refrigerated truck. After you create the app, you define a device template for a refrigerated truck. You then create a programming project, add code to simulate a truck, and communicate with your IoT Central app. You monitor the truck by using a custom dashboard.

Learning objectives

In this module, you'll:

  • Create an Azure IoT Central custom app by using the IoT Central portal.
  • Create a device template for a custom device by using the IoT Central portal.
  • Create a programming project to simulate a refrigerated truck. Use routes selected by Azure Maps.
  • Monitor and command the simulated truck from an IoT Central dashboard.


  • Introductory knowledge of the purpose of Azure IoT
  • Ability to navigate Azure IoT portal
  • Ability to use Node.js or C#, at the beginner level
  • Experience using Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code, at the beginner level
  • An Azure Maps account