Prerequisites for SAP workloads in the public cloud

Besides hosting SAP NetWeaver scenarios with the different DBMS on Azure, you can host other SAP workload scenarios, like SAP BI on Azure. Azure provides scalable, compliant, and enterprise-proven platform for a range of SAP workloads. The platform compliance is based on criteria stipulated by SAP. Before you consider deploying SAP solutions in Azure, it is essential to understand these criteria.

General prerequisites for SAP support in public cloud environments are outlined as follows:

  • Licensing for SAP software to be deployed.

  • SAP system sizing and knowledge of resource requirements of SAP workloads to be deployed.

  • Certified VM instance sizes and total capacity required by SAP software on the cloud provider platform.

  • Sufficient network connectivity (bandwidth, latency, and package loss) to the cloud environment that will host SAP workloads.

  • Certified operating systems on which the SAP workloads will be deployed.

  • Support agreement available from the cloud provider.

  • Experience with technical operation of SAP systems and the infrastructure of the cloud provider pertinent to the shared responsibilities model.