Describe the Compliance Center


The Microsoft 365 compliance center brings together all of the tools and data that are needed to help understand and manage an organization’s compliance needs.

Compliance center is available to customers with a Microsoft 365 SKU with one of the following roles:

  • Global administrator
  • Compliance administrator
  • Compliance data administrator

When an admin signs in to the Microsoft 365 compliance center portal, they’ll get a bird’s-eye view of how the organization is meeting its compliance requirements, along with which solutions can be used to help with compliance, information about any active alerts, and more.

Microsoft Compliance Center dashboard

The default compliance center home page contains several cards including:

  • The compliance score card. This card shows the compliance score, and will forward admins to the Compliance Manager where they can see a breakdown of the compliance score. Compliance score measures the progress in completing recommended improvement actions within controls. The score helps an organization to understand its current compliance posture. It also helps an organization to prioritize actions based on their potential to reduce risk.

    The compliance score card

  • The new Solution catalog card, links to collections of integrated solutions that are used to manage end-to-end compliance scenarios across three compliance solutions areas:

    • The Information protection & governance section quickly shows you how to use Microsoft 365 compliance solutions to protect and govern data in your organization.
    • The Insider risk management section on the home page shows how your organization can identify, analyze, and act on internal risks before they cause harm.
    • The Discovery & respond section on the home page shows how your organization can quickly find, investigate, and respond to compliance issues with relevant data.

    A solution's capabilities and tools might include a combination of policies, alerts, reports, and more.

    Solutions catalog card

  • The Active alerts card includes a summary of the most active alerts and a link where admins can view more detailed information, such as alert severity, status, category, and more.

    Active alerts card

In addition to the cards on the home page, there’s a navigation pane on the left of the screen that gives easy access to alerts, reports, policies, compliance solutions, and more. To add or remove options for a customized navigation pane, the Customize navigation control on the navigation pane can be used to configure which items appear there.

Compliance Center left navigation pane

Interactive guide

In this interactive guide, you'll explore some of the capabilities of the Microsoft 365 compliance center, your home for managing compliance needs using integrated solutions for information protection, information governance, insider risk management, discovery, and more:

Interactive guide