Gain insights into working habits


Microsoft 365 includes two analytic tools that gather data and use AI to provide insights into the working habits of individuals and organizations - MyAnalytics and Workplace Analytics.

MyAnalytics lets you see how you spend your time at work and then suggests ways to work smarter – from cutting unproductive meeting time to getting better work/life balance. MyAnalytics does this by looking at data about emails, meetings, and Teams calls and chats, as well as how you use Microsoft 365.


MyAnalytics doesn't use agents or tracking software, and it doesn't use data from any other activities on your computer, such as applications or websites viewed.

MyAnalytics image A user's weekly time summary in MyAnalytics

While MyAnalytics provides insight at the individual level, Workplace Analytics focuses on the organization. Use Workplace Analytics to identify collaboration patterns that impact productivity, workforce effectiveness, and employee engagement. It helps you understand how your organization spends its time and how groups work together. When you understand how your org works, you can look for efficiencies and best practices.

Workplace analytics Workplace analytics for an organization