Plan how to drive adoption of Teams


Whatever the size of your business, the rollout adoption of Teams proceeds in the same fashion. Large companies can best adopt Microsoft Teams by running a pilot with a small group of early adopters so you can learn how to tailor the adoption of Teams to the needs of your company.

Adoption Framework

Microsoft's adoption framework consists of three phases: envision, onboard, and drive value. Each phase comprises best practices, resources, and tools you can use to successfully deploy Teams.

A flow diagram linking the phases of envision, onboarding, and driving value


The Envision phase is where you identify and bring together the members of your rollout team. You'll also assess how ready your organization is to change its communication tools. This stage is critical as you're setting business goals to measure success. Objectives at this stage include:

  • Assemble your team.
  • Define a business strategy.
  • Determine readiness.


Work with your key stakeholders to build and launch your adoption plan. Prepare your environment and test your adoption approach with early adopters. Use feedback to adjust your approach before scaling to the rest of the business. Objectives at this stage include:

  • Prepare your environment.
  • Build your adoption plan.
  • Launch to early adopters.
  • Adjust your plan.

Drive Value

Successful onboarding of Team is dependent on how satisfied your users are. Proper planning through the Envision and Onboard phases plus ongoing operational excellence will aid you in this project. Objectives at this stage include:

  • Monitor Teams adoption.
  • Measure and report usage.
  • Encourage ongoing engagement.