Your company that creates regulatory content for the airline industry needed to improve their team collaboration. You've worked on the project team to roll out Microsoft Teams to all your users with the goal to make sure that the adoption goes smoothly.

You began the project by bringing together a small team of stakeholders, success owners, champions, and IT staff. You used Teams throughout the rollout project to collaborate and communicate. Creating a champions program, running a pilot phase, monitoring adoption, and gathering feedback.

If Teams hadn't been at the heart of the project, and you didn't use champions to evangelize Teams use with their peers, adoption would have been slower—or non-existent. Without correctly identifying stakeholders or selecting projects that could make the most out of Teams, the rollout could have stalled, and the project failed.

By taking the three-phased adoption approach, your organization is well on its way to having Teams adopted by every project and in every team.

Learning objectives

Now that you've completed this module, you should be able to:

  • Begin your adoption project by assembling a team and defining a strategy.
  • Onboard and support people through their use of Teams.
  • Drive all users in your organization to adopt Teams.