Manage and organize your product catalog with Dynamics 365 Sales

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps organize and manage even the most complex product catalog to support your customers in customer engagement scenarios (for example, sales and field service). In this module, you'll learn how to define products, families, and bundles, take advantage of product properties, and define price lists. You'll also learn about pricing options for increased consistency and efficiency.

In this module, you will:

  • Set up unit groups to help control how products are sold
  • Create product family hierarchies that include product bundles and individual products
  • Set up product pricing data by creating price lists and price list items
  • Use discount lists to provide volume discount pricing


The target audience should have a basic understanding of how to move around in the Dynamics 365 application. Familiarity with core sales fundamentals like leads, opportunities, orders, and invoices can also be helpful.