Protect data in-transit and at rest

Data Analyst
Data Engineer
Database Administrator
SQL Database
SQL Server

Explore encryption options available within Azure SQL, on-premises SQL Server and Open Source data platforms and Secure Enclaves. Implement database and instance firewalls.

Learning objectives

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Understand the data encryption options available in the various platforms
  • Configure encryption for data at rest and in transit
  • Implement object level encryption
  • Configure SQL Server to use Azure Key Vault
  • Understand the difference between database and instance firewalls in Azure SQL Database
  • Explore Secure Enclaves


  • Ability to use tools for running queries against a Microsoft SQL database, either on-premises on cloud-based.
  • Understanding of why security is a crucial part of database system planning.
  • Experience creating and configuring resources using the Azure portal.