Create a chat bot to help students learn with Azure Bot Service

Visual Studio

Learn how to build a simple bot called GeoFriend, to help students learn the basics of geography. This module covers the principles of responsible conversational AI and how to make bots that a user can trust and enjoy speaking to. Our bot will help school children to learn more about geography and answer some questions, and also learn some study techniques!

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Learn the basic building blocks to create conversational UI for users
  • Understand the principles to develop responsible bots
  • Create a simple educational bot using Azure Bot Service
  • Improve upon your bot's ability to understand by adding LUIS
  • Give your bot personality with Azure QnA Maker
  • Explore how your bot could become more culturally sensitive


  • Basic knowledge of C#
  • An Azure account
  • Visual Studio installed and set up on your local machine