Azure Quantum is a cloud service that offers two different types of services:

  • Optimization solutions: You can use these solutions to solve optimization problems by running optimization algorithms on classical hardware.
  • Quantum computing solutions: You can use these solutions to run Q# quantum programs on real or simulated quantum devices.

Diagram of the different parts of Azure Quantum.

The earlier modules in this learning path focused on the theoretical aspects of quantum computing. If you've gone through the learning path this far, you've experienced quantum computing as a member of a space mission on a spaceship. Now you're ready to access Azure Quantum servers on Earth.

In this module, you're ready to start using real quantum computers to run your Q# quantum programs. You'll explore the quantum computing options in Azure Quantum and manage submissions of quantum computing jobs.

You'll also learn the basic principles behind quantum hardware and the different kinds of target devices that you have access to in Azure Quantum.

Diagram of the different parts of the service for quantum computing of Azure Quantum.

Learning objectives

After completing this module, you'll be able to:

  • Differentiate and comprehend the main hardware solutions for quantum computers.
  • Understand how Azure Quantum provides you with access to quantum devices to run quantum algorithms.
  • Adapt and create Q# applications to run them in Azure Quantum.
  • Submit and manage jobs in Azure Quantum in your preferred environment: Python, Jupyter, or the Azure CLI.



This module makes use of paid services on Azure Quantum. The cost of running this module on IonQ in a Pay-As-You-Go subscription is approximately $9 USD (or the equivalent amount in your local currency). This quantity is only an approximate estimate and should not be used as a binding reference. The cost of the service might vary depending on your region, demand and other factors.

Note that you can always elect to complete the lessons in this module while skipping the job submission to Azure Quantum if you would like to avoid any charges to your Azure account.