Website access

When the grant change right is applied to a page, users in associated web roles will be able to edit the page content, manage child pages and web files, and set page properties.

In addition, they will have additional front-side editing capabilities enabled when they navigate to that page. The available front-side editing capabilities that are enabled are defined by the Website Access Permissions.

The Website Access Permissions record is associated with the web roles. When a user has grant change rights for a page, front-side editing capabilities, as defined by this record, will be enabled for the user. The permissions include the following.

Name Description
Manage Content Snippets Allows the editing of the content snippets content. Content snippets typically define common layout elements such as headings, captions, labels, and other content (more often so if the content needs to be translated). Be aware that this grants permission to change any content snippet, including those used in shared elements such as the site header.
Manage Site Markers (Obsolete) Allows the editing of hyperlinks that use site markers.
Manage Web Link Sets Allows the editing of web link sets, including adding and removing web links from a web link set. In simple terms, this allows editing of the navigation elements of the site, for example main menu. For more information, see Manage web links in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement or on portals.
Preview Unpublished Entities Allows the viewing of portal content that have a publishing state of Draft. If additional publishing states are defined, each state will have a flag indicating if it's unpublished and whether it should be governed by this permission.


Website access permissions are defined on a per site basis. It is not possible to enable or disable these permissions selectively for an individual page where the grant change right applies. For example, if Manage Content Snippets is selected, it's not possible to switch it off for an individual page without completely removing Grant Change rights for that page.

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