Set up rules and take action on telemetry data in Azure IoT Central

IoT Central

This module builds an IoT Central app to monitor and command a refrigerated truck. We build the IoT Central app from a downloaded JSON file, defining all the device capabilities. Source code is also downloaded for the device app. The focus of this module is on creating rules and actions, to respond to certain telemetry input. Rules and actions enable greater automation of an IoT Central system.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Create an Azure IoT Central custom app, using the IoT Central portal
  • Import a capability model for a custom device, using the IoT Central portal
  • Create a programming project to simulate a refrigerated truck, using Visual Studio Code, or Visual Studio
  • Monitor and command the simulated truck, from an IoT Central dashboard
  • Create a range of rules and actions, responding to truck telemetry, using the IoT Central portal


  • An introductory knowledge of the purpose of Azure IoT
  • Ability to navigate Azure IoT portal
  • Ability to use Node.js, or C#, at the beginner level
  • Experience using Visual Studio, or Visual Studio Code, at the beginner level
  • Must have, or can open, an Azure Maps account