Use Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare solutions

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Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

This module describes the various Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare applications and the value they provide to a practitioner, patient, or administrator. Cloud Healthcare includes the Care Management, Home Health, Patient Access, and Patient Outreach apps, in addition to the Patient Service Center.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Discover the specific function of each app.
  • Explore the various roles and how they use the apps.
  • Learn how specific data tracking and functionality provide value to healthcare workloads.
  • Find out how a specific role uses the app in daily job tasks.
  • Learn how a patient would interact with the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare system.


Basic understanding of how to navigate model-driven applications and an understanding of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dataverse, Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Power BI, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps