Administer infrastructure resources in Azure

Virtual Machines
Azure Portal
Azure Resource Manager

Learn how to create, manage, secure and scale virtual machine resources.



Modules in this learning path

Introduction to Azure virtual machines

Learn about the decisions you make before creating a virtual machine, the options to create and manage the VM, and the extensions and services you use to manage your VM.

Create a Linux virtual machine in Azure

In this module, we'll discuss how to create a Linux virtual machine using the Azure portal.

Create a Windows virtual machine in Azure

Azure virtual machines (VMs) enable you to create dedicated compute resources in minutes that can be used just like a physical desktop or server machine.

Manage virtual machines with the Azure CLI

Learn how to use the cross-platform Azure CLI to create, start, stop, and perform other management tasks related to virtual machines in Azure.

Keep your virtual machines updated

Deploy the Azure Update Management solution to update virtual machines in your cloud environment.

Configure the network for your virtual machines

Learn how to configure networking in a secure way for your Azure virtual machines.

Build Azure Resource Manager templates

Learn how Resource Manager templates express your deployments as code, enabling you to deploy faster and more reliably.

Add and size disks in Azure virtual machines

Understand and create the different types of disk storage available to Azure virtual machines (VMs).

Caching and performance in Azure storage disks

Moving data as fast as possible is good for business. Learn about disk performance in Azure, how caching can help optimize read and write access to storage, and how to enable caching to help optimize the performance of Azure VM disks.

Secure your Azure virtual machine disks

Use Azure Disk Encryption (ADE) to encrypt OS and data disks on existing and new VMs.