Quickly find relevant data to respond to legal and regulatory obligations using Microsoft Purview eDiscovery (Premium) and Microsoft Purview Audit (Premium)

Microsoft 365

The explosion of data creates challenges of finding the data you need when you need it for a variety of scenarios. Whether it is litigation, internal investigation, responding to a regulatory request or policy obligation – you need to be able to find relevant content, then refine and prepare that content in an efficient and effective manner. Business data across custodial and shared workspaces, devices and apps creates a challenge of effectively responding to data requests. Microsoft Purview helps organizations respond to requests with built-in suite-wide discovery & audit tools.


  • Cloud computing concepts
  • Microsoft 365 product and services

Modules in this learning path

Microsoft Purview eDiscovery (Premium) offers built-in tools such as Content Search to help identify data used as evidence in legal cases. Content Search helps identify relevant data directly in Microsoft Purview, reducing the amount of data that customers need to prepare and export to their third-party compliance tools. eDiscovery (Premium) builds on the eDiscovery (Standard) solution, helping organizations respond more quickly with a streamlined end-to-end eDiscovery workflow, intelligent search capabilities to decrease manual work, and save on third-party storage costs.

Microsoft Purview Audit (Premium) delivers comprehensive audit logs and alerts across more than 15 services, which enables customers to track user and administration activity within their tenants. Improvements in Audit (Premium) include preservation of audit logs for up to a year, faster access to data, and access to crucial events for quicker investigations.