Create machine learning models

Data Scientist
Visual Studio Code

Machine learning is the foundation for predictive modeling and artificial intelligence. Learn the core principles of machine learning and how to use common tools and frameworks to train, evaluate, and use machine learning models.


This learning path assumes knowledge of basic mathematical concepts. Some experience with Python is also beneficial. To get started with Python, complete the Take your first steps with Python learning path.

Modules in this learning path

Data exploration and analysis is at the core of data science. Data scientists require skills in languages like Python to explore, visualize, and manipulate data.

Regression is a commonly used kind of machine learning for predicting numeric values.

Classification is a kind of machine learning used to categorize items into classes.

Clustering is a kind of machine learning that is used to group similar items into clusters.

Deep learning is an advanced form of machine learning that emulates the way the human brain learns through networks of connected neurons.