Detect and respond to cyber attacks with Microsoft 365 Defender

Security Operations Analyst
Security Engineer
Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Defender unifies threat signals across endpoints, identities, email, and applications to provide integrated protection against sophisticated cyber attacks. Microsoft 365 Defender is the central experience to investigate and respond to incidents and proactively search for ongoing malicious cyber security activities.


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Modules in this learning path

Understand what Microsoft 365 Defender is and how it can help to improve your security posture by empowering your Security Operations Center (SOC) or security teams with the tools they need to identify, control, and remediate security threats.

Understand the steps needed to enable Microsoft 365 Defender for your organization.

Learn how to use Microsoft 365 Defender to manage and respond to incidents and alerts in your Microsoft 365 tenant. Cyber threats are an ever present and on-going concern for all organizations regardless of size. Learn how to minimize the time between an incident and its management for subsequent response and resolution.

Gain an understanding of the advanced hunting query language, Kusto, and how to create queries to find threats. You'll gain an awareness of the data schemas provided by Microsoft 365 and how they can enrich query results. Finally, you'll explore custom detections and how they can be used to automate detection and remediation of threats.

Learn how Microsoft 365 Defender uses automated self-healing for incident investigation and response to automate threat detection and remediation.