Get started with Office 365 and Windows

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Microsoft Teams

Are you new to Office 365 for education? Get up and running quickly with the tools that equip your students for success today and tomorrow. Microsoft Teams, OneNote, and Forms allow you to build a collaborative classroom that empowers learners to work together and access resources. You will be able to quickly assess your students' learning and provide individualized feedback.

If you want to learn more about remote and hybrid learning, we recommend taking the Blended approaches for a modern learning environment learning path as well.



Modules in this learning path

Create a world of tomorrow in your classroom with easy to set up devices and apps, amazingly integrated tools for learning, and features that engage all types of learners. This course will review the best of Windows 10 for education. Educators completing this module will feel comfortable getting started with Windows 10, using universal apps, inking and interacting with various types of content, and setting up new classroom devices.

Use Microsoft Forms for surveys, quizzes, and polls in classes to increase student engagement and voice. Office 365 helps streamline and save time managing learning assessments with Forms

Make learning more powerful and dynamic with Microsoft OneNote digital notebooks. Use OneNote to compile and organize information, research, and content; support research, collaboration, note taking, journaling, and reflection.

Besides the people, what makes up a team in Microsoft Teams? We examine the structure and components of a team that make Teams such an efficient place for Class, Staff and PLC Teams.

Class Teams have all the tools educators need from course curriculum, down to daily lesson content, right to the details of the assignment workflow. Put another way, from introducing a topic to assessing it, everything has a place in Microsoft Teams. This module will demonstrate creating, distributing, collecting, and grading assignments. Microsoft Forms offers assessments built right into a Class Team. The feedback process in Teams is efficient for educators and meaningful for students. The grade book in Teams can integrate with many external grade book apps. Teams also offers Insights to track trends in students’ work and online behaviors. Those trends can include SEL components thanks to the Reflect app that can be added to Class Teams as well.