Manage identity and access in Azure

Solutions Architect
Security Engineer
Azure Portal
Azure Active Directory

Learn how to work with subscriptions, users, and groups by configuring Microsoft Azure Active Directory for workloads.



Modules in this learning path

Discuss the basic concepts for protecting your infrastructure and data when you work in the cloud. Understand what responsibilities are yours and what Azure takes care of for you.

The first step to using Azure is to create an account. Your account holds the Azure services you provision and handles your personal settings like identity, billing, and preferences.

Manage users and groups in Azure Active Directory

There's a tradeoff between security and ease-of-access. The conditional-access feature of Azure Active Directory helps you implement a good balance between the two. Learn how to implement a conditional-access policy using Azure Active Directory.

Use OpenID Connect in your application to allow users to securely sign in with Azure AD identities.

Learn how to use multi-factor authentication with Azure AD to harden your user accounts.