Master planning in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

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Master planning allows companies to determine and balance the future need for raw materials and capacity to meet company goals. Master planning assesses which raw materials and capacities are currently available, and which raw materials and capacities are required to complete production. For example, what must be manufactured, purchased, transferred, or set aside as safety stock before you can complete production.


  • General understanding of supply chain processes.
  • The ability to use Dynamics Supply Chain Management for basic processing.
  • Knowledge of inventory management processes.
  • Knowledge of warehouse management processes.
  • Knowledge of production planning processes.

Modules in this learning path

Businesses in any market, such as retail, manufacturing, distribution, services, and public sector organizations, need functionality to help them plan for demand and supply of products and services during the course of short or long-term operations. Get to know the Master planning feature of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to streamline your planning, based on pre-determined factors, to efficiently plan what materials need to be purchased, transferred, or manufactured.

The Planning Optimization Add-in enables the calculation of a master plan to occur outside Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and its SQL database. Planning Optimization improves performance and has minimal impact on the SQL database during the planning runs. Therefore, it can be run during normal office hours and provide immediate results based on the most recent activity.