Secure your cloud data

Key Vault
Azure Active Directory
Azure Portal

Azure was designed for security and compliance. Learn how to leverage the built-in services to store your app data securely to ensure that only authorized services and clients have access to it.



Modules in this learning path

Learn how to incorporate security into your architecture design, and discover the tools that Azure provides to help you create a secure environment through all the layers of your architecture.

Secure your web applications on Azure and protect your apps against the most common and dangerous web application attacks.

Learn how Azure Storage provides multilayered security to protect your data. Find out how to use access keys, to secure networks, and to use Advanced Threat Protection to proactively monitor your system.

Your application requires service passwords, connection strings, and other secret configuration values to do its job. Storing and handling secret values is risky, and every usage introduces the possibility of leakage. Azure Key Vault, in combination with managed identities for Azure resources, enables your Azure web app to access secret configuration values easily and securely without needing to store any secrets in your source control or configuration.

In this module, you will look at how to authenticate users using Azure App Services and various providers.

There's a tradeoff between security and ease-of-access. The conditional-access feature of Azure Active Directory helps you implement a good balance between the two. Learn how to implement a conditional-access policy using Azure Active Directory.

Learn how to use RBAC to manage access to resources in Azure.

Secure your Azure SQL Database to keep your data secure and diagnose potential security concerns as they happen.