Field service mobile

When your technicians are in the field, they should be equipped with everything they need to service customers effectively. Something as simple as not having the right part available, or not knowing what was done in the past, can have a significant impact on your ability to resolve the customer's issue the first time.

The Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile application is designed with that thought in mind. The mobile app ensures that you have what you need when you need it. Whether working with your schedule, accessing customer data, or managing time off, the access is available to you through the mobile application.

The screenshot below shows a Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile work order.

Work order UI

With the Field Service Mobile application, you have all the tools needed to:

  • Manage your schedule: With features like push notifications and routing information, you are aware of items that have been assigned to you and are provided with features such as turn-by-turn directions to help ensure on-time arrivals.
  • Complete work orders anywhere: Highly configurable offline filtering options ensure that you have the exact information you need whether you are working online, or in a remote corner of the world with no connectivity.
  • Provide more personalized service: You are provided with a complete 360-degree of the customer you are servicing, including customer preferences and their service history.
  • Improve work order delivery: While onsite, you have access to everything you need to execute the work order including:
    • Detailed booking information: Information such as estimated vs actual time details, the current booking status, and travel information is available.
    • Work Order Details: Information such as where the work order originated from, what it is related to, and other details are available.
    • Service tasks information: Any tasks you will need to carry out are easily accessible from the work order record in the application.
    • Products and service details: All products can service that are to be carried out will be noted. Features like barcode scanners can be used to easily capture serial numbers from products installed.
    • Leverage features on your mobile device: Take advantage of the capabilities available on your mobile device to capture images, take video, or grab customer signatures. All information can be easily stored directly on the Dynamics 365 work order record.
  • Improve efficiency: You have access to the tools you need to get the job done correctly through knowledge searching functionality. These searches provide access to product manuals, surface bots to provide field assistance, and integrate with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist to provide real-time collaboration with subject matter experts.

Use Field Service Mobile to ensure that your technicians have everything that they need while in the field service your customers.

Icon indicating play video In this video you’ll see with Field Service Mobile, technicians can manage their daily work orders, and ensure that they are resolving customer issues as quick as possible.

As you saw in the video, with the Field Service Mobile application, technicians can easily access their list of open work orders and quickly complete the associated tasks. Integrated tools like signature capture and bar code scanning ensure technicians can do what they need whether working on or offline.

With the Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile application, your technicians have all the data they need to manage customer work orders at their fingertips. From the moment a work order is assigned to them, features like routing and turn-by-turn directions are available to ensure on time arrivals. Once onsite, you have a complete look into what is expected during the call such as the products you are installing, service tasks you need to complete, as well as any other critical information that might be required. When you add on the ability to do things such as capture images, record audio or video, collect customer signatures, and even process payment if required, you have tool that is built to work the way you work. These aids help to increase productivity and result in a better overall service experience for your customers.

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