Summary and resources

Dynamics 365 Field Service provides you with the ability create support solutions that enable technicians to follow the best path to resolving a customer issue. These solutions might include creating case records where technicians can remotely troubleshoot or execute commands against an item, or automatically generate Work Orders and then find the best resource to work on a specific item.

Graphic of IOT from "Things generate data" to "Insights based on data generated" to "Actions based on insights"

We saw how with Dynamics 365 Field Service, you can:

  • Use connected Field Service, to monitor their customer’s IoT connected assets, and interact with those devices remotely by sending commands to them from within the Dynamics 365 application.
  • Use the tools available in universal resource scheduling like the schedule board and the schedule assistant to identify and schedule the most qualified resource to work on the item.
  • Leverage Resource Scheduling Optimization to easily handle the automated scheduling of resources in different scenarios, or to run simulations to determine which option is best before applying it.
  • Use the Field Service Mobile application to easily access their scheduled work orders and quickly complete the tasks associated with them such as installing products by using integrated tools such as signatures and bar codes scanners.
  • Use mixed reality applications such as Remote Assist and Guides to build 3D service and training solutions that can make your technicians more effective in the field.


Dynamics 365 Field Service

Resource Scheduling Optimization (RSO)

Mixed reality (MR)