Online Service Activation for Open programs FAQ

How do I activate Online Services purchased through the Open Program

There are two ways Open customers can activate Online Services.

  1. Once you order your Open online service, you will receive an email with a link and instructions to activate your services.
  2. From the VLSC, Open customers can go to the Online Service Activation section and select the license to manage.
    • Click on the manage activation link. This will open a product activation site where you click on Start Activation. A product activation window opens and pre-populates the key.
    • Continue the remaining activation steps to complete the product activation process
    • Successful activation will be reflected as activated within 48 hours in the Volume Licensing Online Service Activation site

For information about activating Microsoft Azure, go to the Get Started with Azure in Open Licensing page.

I do not see my Azure Order. What do I do

Your Azure orders are currently activated through keys. Get your keys through the downloads and keys tab in the VLSC, then enter the key at the Get Started with Azure in Open Licensing page.

What is an Organizational Account and why do I need one to activate Online Services

An Organizational Account is intended for employees to use at work, to sign in to their organization's Microsoft services.

Also referred to as a work or school account, they typically takes the form of or (where orgname is their employer's email domain name).

How do I know if my company already has an Organizational Account

The Organization Name associated with your Organizational Account is taken from the License ID of the Service you are activating. It is pre-populated in the Organizational Account set-up and already linked to your company from the original Online Service order if an Organizational Account already exists. The registration process will validate if your company has an Organizational Account.

If the field for Company is available, complete the registration process to sign in and activate the service. If this field is not available, you must register the Company. To register a Company for an Organizational Account, you must be a Global Administrator.

When requesting an Organizational Account, your request is sent to your company's domain administrator who will grant or deny your registration request. Use this Organizational Account when signing into Microsoft VLSC Online Service Activation.

What if my organization does not activate our Online Service

You cannot use your online services until you activate them.

Why does the activation portal log me out after I activate an Online Service

The user is logged out to ensure that the most current settings are applied to the account and that it is properly associated with the correct agreement.

While this may be inconvenient, it is the best way to ensure that user and agreement information is properly established after activation.

How does Online Service Activation work for Open License purchases

Microsoft Online Services for Open agreements has moved to a keyless handling activation model. Once you order your Open online services, you will receive an email with a link and instructions to activate your services.

What if I don't want to assign my purchase to the current Organizational Account; or, I want to create a new account

To assign products to a new organizational account, go through the sign-up process to create a new organizational account. From there you will be able to assign any seats or products you have purchased.

I just activated my Online Service. When I go to the Manage Activations page, it still says I need to activate my service

It can take up to 24 hours for the service you just activated to appear as Activated in your Manage Activations page.

Where can I find more information about the topics covered in these FAQs

You can find more VLSC training resources on this site, including videos..

Contact Assisted Support

VLSC customers may also Contact Us by phone or by Web Form. Microsoft will respond to Web Form submissions within 24 hours.