Apply with LinkedIn


Apply with LinkedIn is no longer supporting new partnerships.

Apply with LinkedIn aims to maximize customer value by ensuring customers never lose a candidate in their application flow. Currently, up to 75% of candidates may drop off during the application flow.

  • When a job seeker visits the ATS application flow and has an active LinkedIn cookie, the new "Apply with LinkedIn" displays. For paid jobs on LinkedIn, once that job seeker clicks apply, we can then share the LinkedIn profile of that applicant back to the customer, even if that applicant fails to submit their application. The profiles of these applicants are surfaced to the customer in various pages on LinkedIn, including within Recruiter, as a list within Manage Jobs, and various e-mail digests.
  • Additionally, this drives more submissions for our customers as more job seekers pre-fill application fields. The new Apply with LinkedIn removes friction in the process where candidates do not need to proceed through an OAuth authentication flow. Instead, we automatically pre-fill application fields with a single click if the user has an active LinkedIn cookie.
  • Lastly, we add conversion tracking so that we can help our customers distinguish between those who have only started their application and those who have finished their application and are in the ATS. Research has shown that having access to this pool of candidates who have started but not finished their application may reduce time-to-hire for our customers by up to 30%.

Development Prerequisites

Request Access

Before beginning development, you will need to be provisioned access to a test resource. You can request access by completing the following steps:

  1. Create API applications for the integration. You may create either 2 or 3 API applications per integration - 1 for production, and up to 2 for development and testing. You may skip this step if you have done this already for Recruiter System Connect.
  2. Fill out the Onboarding Request Form provided to you by your LinkedIn partnerships contact. For China partners, please request for the Chinese Onboarding Request Form instead.

Middleware Customer Configuration for Partners (e.g. ATS)

For Partners (e.g. ATS)

If you are a LinkedIn Partner (e.g. Applicant Tracking System) implementing Apply with LinkedIn for multiple customers, please follow below steps to complete Apply with LinkedIn Integration.

  • Configure Customer Application and enable ATS Integrations for Apply with LinkedIn. Configure Customer Application and enable ATS Integrations document describes how to implement LinkedIn ATS Integration plugin that allows customers to set up Apply with LinkedIn.
    • Once you have completed configuring customer applications and enabling Apply with LinkedIn integrations, you will need to store the apiKey(client id for the customer application created by Provisioning API) and integrationContext(Organization (company) identifier retrieved via Customer Configuration Plugin) for each customer as you will be using them to power the Apply with LinkedIn plugin.
  • Integrate with Apply with LinkedIn Plugin.

For Customers (i.e. proprietary ATS or career page solution)

If you are implementing Apply with LinkedIn for your company only and have a signed agreement (see Note 1 below), please follow the below steps to complete Apply with LinkedIn Integration.

  • Please send the API key (Client ID) for the application you created to your dedicated LinkedIn Business Development representative for it to be allowlisted. In return, LinkedIn will send you back an integrationContext that will be used in the integration with Apply with LinkedIn Plugin.
  • Integrate with Apply with LinkedIn Plugin.


  1. If you are not yet a LinkedIn Talent Solutions Partner, please complete the LinkedIn Talent Solutions Partner Request Form.

  2. The Apply with LinkedIn offering that utilized the Profile API is no longer offered; the below is the only Apply with LinkedIn offering. As of December 31, 2018, implementations of Apply with LinkedIn via the Profile API will not work as the only supported approach to offering Apply with LinkedIn capabilities is the plugin documented below

  3. Customers who implemented Apply with LinkedIn before Jun 2018 and use their unique company identifier ( data-company-token ) in the plugin, can keep using the provided value. The plugin is backwards compatible so no change is required.