Azure Marketplace partner integrations

Learn how to integrate partner solutions into your Azure environment. This article gives an overview of each solution and links to detailed deployment guides. Solutions are listed in alphabetical order.

Apache Kafka on Confluent Cloud

Confluent Cloud

Azure lets you integrate with Confluent Cloud in addition to your cloud applications. Confluent customers often navigate between the Azure portal and Confluent Cloud. For example, once a user purchases a Confluent Cloud offer in Azure Marketplace, they are then expected to set up an account with Confluent Cloud. This process adds complexity and time, and requires users to manage configuration and resources between the two portals. To reduce the burden of managing across platforms, Microsoft, in partnership with Confluent Cloud, built an integrated provisioning layer from Azure to Confluent Cloud. The solution is available in Azure Marketplace and provides a seamless experience for using the Confluent Cloud offering on Azure

The solution uses a resource provider enabled in Azure to provision Confluent Cloud resources. This allows users to access real-time event streaming via the Azure portal, Azure CLI, and Azure SDKs. Confluent Cloud owns and runs the SaaS application, which includes environments, clusters, topics, API keys, and managed connectors.

The deep integration with Confluent Cloud enables the following capabilities:

  • Provision a new Confluent Cloud organization resource from the Azure portal with fully managed infrastructure.
  • Streamline single sign-on from Azure to Confluent Cloud with Azure Active Directory; no separate authentication needed from the Confluent Cloud portal.
  • Get unified billing of Confluent Cloud consumption charges through Azure subscription invoicing.
  • Manage Confluent Cloud resources from the Azure portal, and track them in the All resources page, alongside your Azure resources.

Confluent Cloud deployment guides

For issues related to Confluent on Azure, go to If you are a first time user, reset your password before you sign in to the Confluent Support Portal. If you do not have an account with Confluent, please send an email to


DataDog Logo

Datadog provides observability and security tools for Azure users to understand the health and performance of their applications across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. But configuring the necessary integrations often requires navigating between the Azure portal and Datadog. To simplify configuration and resource management across portals, Microsoft worked with Datadog to create an integrated Datadog solution on Azure. Available via the Azure Marketplace, this solution provides a seamless experience for Azure customers to use Datadog’s cloud monitoring solution.

See the Azure Monitor documentation to learn more about this solution and sign up for the public preview.

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