Troubleshoot Azure Active Directory join issues

Applies to: Windows 10

The following are common Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) join issues that can affect Windows Autopilot deployment.

Azure AD permissions

The most common issue joining a device to Azure AD is related to Azure AD permissions. Make sure that the correct configuration is in place to allow users to join devices to Azure AD.

Maximum number of devices

Errors can also happen if the user exceeds the number of devices that they're allowed to join. This limit is configured in Azure AD.

Deleted objects

An Azure AD device is created upon import. It's important this object isn't deleted. The object acts as Autopilot's anchor in Azure AD for group membership and targeting (including the profile). Deleting it may lead to join errors. If this object is deleted, you can fix the issue by deleting and reimporting this autopilot hash so it can recreate the associated object.

Error code 801C0003

Error code 801C0003 will typically be reported on an error page titled "Something went wrong". This error means that the Azure AD join failed.

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