Troubleshoot Package Conversion Manager

Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)

Use the information in this article to help you troubleshoot problems when using Package Conversion Manager.

SMS Provider

Package Conversion Manager uses the SMS Provider. For more information, see Plan for the SMS Provider.

If the SMS Provider isn't working properly, the Configuration Manager console including the Package Conversion Manager doesn't work.

Package readiness

Before converting a package to an application, analyze the package using the Package Conversion Manager Analyze function. After the analysis, add the Readiness column in the Packages node of the Configuration Manager console. The list of packages displays one of the following readiness states of the analyzed package:

  • Automatic: The package can be directly converted using the Convert function.


    An automatic conversion doesn't convert WQL queries into application requirements. Use the Fix and Convert process to convert these queries.

  • Manual: The package needs some additions or changes before you can convert it using the Fix and Convert function.

  • Not Applicable: The package isn't suitable for conversion. Either correct any problems with the package, or continue to deploy it as a package.

  • Error: The package contains errors. Manually correct these errors before you can analyze and convert it.

The details pane of the Packages node in the Configuration Manager console shows any readiness issues. Select a package, and then select the Summary tab in the details pane.

Log files

Enable logging

When you enable logging for Package Conversion Manager, it logs all of its actions, exceptions, and errors.

To enable logging for this component in the Configuration Manager, modify Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.exe.Config. By default, this configuration file is located in the following path:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Endpoint Manager\AdminConsole\bin\Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.exe.config


Starting in version 1910, this path changed to use the Microsoft Endpoint Manager folder. Make sure you don't use an older version of the file that might exist in another folder.

Insert the following switches and trace XML elements in the system.diagnostics element after the last sources element:


      <add name="PcmLogging" value="3"/>
    <trace autoflush="true" indentsize="4">
        <add name="PcmTraceListener" type="Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.UserCentric.Logging.RolloverLogTraceListener, Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.UserCentric.Logging" initializeData="%UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Temp\PcmTrace.log"/>


This sample uses the file PCMTrace.log. This log is on the computer running the Configuration Manager console in the following path:

To configure the level of detail, change the PcmLogging trace switch setting. Set the this value to four levels of detail, from least detailed (1) to most detailed (4).


In some situations, information relevant to troubleshooting the package conversion process is in the SMSProv.log file. This file captures information from the Configuration Manager SMS Provider.

By default, this log file is located on the Configuration Manager site server at the following path:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs

If you see one of the following error messages, the SMSProv.log file may contain relevant troubleshooting information:

  • The SMS Provider reported an error

  • Generic Failure

These error messages typically indicate that an error occurred on the site server, and that the error information wasn't sent to the Configuration Manager console.

For more information, see Technical reference for Package Conversion Manager error messages.

Changing package attributes after analysis

After you analyze a package and it has a readiness state of Automatic or Manual, the conversion process might fail if you change any of the relevant attributes.

For example, you analyze a package and its readiness state is Automatic. Then you add another program to the package. The package conversion might fail.

If you need to make changes to a package after analysis, rerun analysis before conversion.

See also

Technical reference for Package Conversion Manager error messages