Console extensions from Community hub

Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)

When you use Configuration Manager version 2103 or later, you can download console extensions from the Community hub and have it applied to all consoles connected to a hierarchy. The Console extensions node allows you to start managing the approval and installation of console extensions used in your environment. Getting an extension from community hub doesn't make it immediately available. First, an administrator has to approve the extension for the site. Then console users can install the extension to their local console.

After you approve an extension, when you open the console, you'll see a console notification. From the notification, you can start the extension installer. After the installer completes, the console restarts automatically, and then you can use the extension.

Find extensions in Community hub

Extensions in Community hub are recognizable by their icon. When browsing All objects in the Community hub, you can easily notice if a new extension has been added.The following icon is used for extensions:

Screenshot of the extension icon used in Community hub. A teal square is surrounded by a broken outline of a square in gray and purple.

You can also use a search filter to find an extension in Community hub. Start with the search filter for type:extension, then add additional filters as needed. If you're not finding an extension that's known to be available, double check the displayed categories hierarchy setting for Community hub.

Filter name Example search Uses a like filter
Type type:report Yes
Curated curated:false No
User user:<GitHubUserName> No
Organization org:<GitHubOrganizationName> No
Name name:test_report Yes
Description desc:description Yes

When filtering Community hub items in search:

  • The filtering on some items is done using like so you don't need to know the exact name of an item you are trying to find. For instance, using type:task would return task sequences.
  • You can't use the same filter twice in a search. For instance, using type:report and type:extension would only return reports since the second filter gets ignored.
  • Search filtering respects the hierarchy setting for displaying Community hub content categories.
    • If your hierarchy is set to Display Microsoft and curated community content, then curated:false is ignored.
    • If your hierarchy is set to Display Microsoft content, then the curated: filter is ignored.

Download and deploy the extension

You'll download the extension from Community hub, then use the Console Extensions node to test the extension and deploy it to other Configuration Manager console users. In-depth instructions for the deployment process and managing extensions can be found in the Console Extensions article. Below is a high-level overview of the extension deployment process:

  1. Once you've found an extension in Community hub that you want in your environment, select Download.
  2. The downloaded extension will appear in the Console Extensions node.
  3. Change the security scope for the extension, approve it, then install and test it on a local console. For more information on this process, see Install and test an extension on a local console.
  4. When testing is complete, enable user notifications for installation.

Console extension installation notifications

Users are notified when console extensions are approved for installation. These notifications occur for users when console extensions are approved and notifications are enabled from Administration > Overview > Updates and Servicing > Console Extensions. When notifications are enabled, users within the security scope for the extension receive the following prompts:

  1. In the upper-right corner of the console, select the bell icon to display Configuration Manager console notifications.

    Notifications in the Configuration Manager console

  2. The notification will say New custom console extensions are available.

    New custom console extensions are available notification

  3. Select the link Install custom console extensions to launch the install.

  4. When the install completes, select Close to restart the console and enable the new extension.

    Console extension completed install


When you upgrade to Configuration Manager 2107, you will be prompted to install the WebView2 console extension again. For more information about the WebView2 installation, see the WebView2 installation section if the Community hub article.

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