SQL Server configuration

In a multi-site hierarchy, Configuration Manager uses SQL Server replication to transfer data between sites. For more information, see Database replication.

Use the following diagram to start troubleshooting SQL Server configuration related to SQL Server Service Broker:

Diagram to troubleshoot SQL Server configuration


This diagram has the following queries and actions:

Check if SQL Server can deliver SSB messages

SELECT transmission_status, *
FROM sys.transmission_queue
ORDER BY enqueue_time DESC

Remediation actions

Remediate the issues reported from transmission_status

Common issues:

  • Firewall configuration
  • Network configuration
  • SSB certificate misconfigured

Run SQL Server profiler to trace SSB events

Run SQL Server profiler on the CAS and primary site database to trace events related to the SQL Server Service Broker:

  • Audit Broker Login
  • Audit Broker Conversation
  • Events in Broker category