Reference for Intune Management Extensions

The intuneManagementExtensions category contains entities for mobile devices that track information such as:

  • Versions of an IntuneManagementExtension
  • Installation status of an IntuneManagementExtension


The intuneManagementExtensionVersion entity lists all the versions used by intuneManagementExtensions.

Property Description Example
extensionVersionKey Unique identifier of the intuneManagementExtensions version. 1
extensionVersion The 4 digit version number.


The intuneManagementExtensionHealthState lists all possible health states of the intuneManagementExtensions.

Property Description Example
extensionStateKey Unique identifier of health state. 2
extensionState Health state of a IntuneManagementExtension. Healthy


The intuneManagementExtension lists the IntuneManagementExtensions health on each Windows 10 device per day. The data is retained for the last 60 days.

Property Description Example
dateKey Unique identifier of the Date. 123
tenantKey Unique identifier of the Tenant. 456
deviceKey Unique identifier of the Device. 789
extensionVersionKey Unique identifier of the intuneManagementExtension version. 1
extensionStateKey Unique identifier of health state. 2