Intune on Azure console and legacy Intune PC client

Intune uses an Azure-based SaaS application service architecture. Azure provides significant improvements in scale, capacity, and performance. This offers enhanced Intune admin experiences and optimized workflows in the Azure portal.

When using Intune on Azure to manage your organization’s Windows devices, consider the following points:

Manage Windows 10 devices by using MDM

We recommend that you use Mobile Device Management (MDM) to manage your Windows 10 devices instead of using the legacy Intune PC client. The ability to manage Windows 10 via MDM is available in the Intune on Azure portal. Windows 10 MDM provides many new management and security capabilities that are not available via the legacy Intune PC client.

Legacy PC Client features are only available in the Silverlight console

Applies to: Intune in the classic portal


Legacy PC management is going out of support on October 15, 2020. Upgrade devices to Windows 10 and reenroll them as MDM devices to keep them managed by Intune.

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The Intune PC Client management workflows use the Silverlight-based Intune Admin Console, which has the following consequences:

  • For all non-grouping management tasks using the Intune PC Client, you must use the Silverlight console.
  • When managing groups, you must use the Intune on Azure portal. This requirement exists because Intune now uses Azure AD Groups instead of legacy Intune Groups.

Because of the switch to Azure AD Groups, “group-based” filtering in the Silverlight console dashboard views has changed slightly. To filter in the updated Silverlight UI, follow these steps:

  1. Select a view.

  2. In the Filters box, enter the name of the group that you want to filter by and press enter. This will filter the list view to the devices in that particular group.

    Filters dropdown input with None selected

Continue to manage Windows 7 by using Intune PC Client

For Windows 7, which can’t be managed by using MDM, we will continue to support existing Intune PC Client capabilities in the Silverlight console only. Consider migrating to MDM management when you upgrade to Windows 10.

MDM Capabilities

For a detailed comparison between PC Client and MDM capabilities, see Compare managing Windows PCs as computers or mobile devices. MDM updates will continue to bring new management capabilities to MDM-enrolled, Windows 10 devices, inclusive of evaluating options for Win 32 apps. View the What’s New for the latest release additions to the service.

Switch from PC Client to MDM

To switch from managing Windows 10 devices with the Intune PC Client to managing with MDM, follow these steps:

  1. In the Silverlight console, perform a Selective wipe to un-enroll the device from the PC Client. Warning popup with the 'Selectively wipe the device` radio button selected
  2. Re-enroll the device by using MDM (and/or Azure AD Join).

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